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Charles Schumer
  Minority Leader Schumer on Senate Impeachment Trial  CSPAN  January 23, 2020 1:07am-1:13am EST

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people. >> with the chief justice change anything of how you present your arguments? >> when you screwed on --dash schedule a trial in the dead of night where you require litigants that are going at it the entire day that happens of every courtroom in america that we will try to keep focused on the facts they would like nothing more to do that but we will not let them. the facts are damning. we will lay them out in great detail in chronology today. [inaudible conversations]
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>> please don't put these in front of me. adam shifts speech is one of the most compelling i have heard. and i think a good number of my republican colleagues for the first time of the entire arguments powerfully is distinctly and completely. and i hope i can change my. in addition the american people heard the arguments powerfully completely insisting to leap are quite don't see how any senator democrat or republican could sit on the floor and not demand witnesses and documents.
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so many things before and after the speech. what did bolton really think? the documents right before the h and 25th and 26 those are very very important. i am hopeful we have seen the public pressure for a fair trial has some effect. a good number of republicans went to leader mcconnell and said we need to improve the resolution. not witnesses and documents but they did and a few other places. and with that attention on the nation more than it ever has been but many republican
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members to ask the witnesses and documents there was an amendment this is what the president's lawyer said. there is not an assured chance later but to vote on witnesses and documents. but that would put more pressure on people by the end of the wee week. i will take a few questions. >> [inaudible] >> the chief justice chastise them without naming anybody
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that they thought should be toned down. i was so impressed with the house manager's case. it was on the facts, answer the questions, talk about why we have witnesses and documents. the president's lawyers never answer the questions. they did some finger-pointing but never answer the question. i think if you were a juror listening to both sides it was decided with the house managers to directly answer the question. >> was senator nadler was right? >> authority address that now any other subject. >> would you be open? >> know. that is off the table for goat. >> first of all they could bring in any witness they want
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but not that trade. >> [inaudible] >> the house managers are continuing to do what they have done. it will continue to make a powerful case. the first step of witnesses and documents than the second step to have a fair trial and we know what happens once there is a fair trial. if they just shut it down any acquittal of president trump. i don't think it's entirely accurate they change their mind somewhat mcconnell put into the resolution. i think because the public once a fair trial and it may happen on witnesses and documents. that's what i pray for the sake of the republicans but i think it's not out of the question. >>